The OSSM Difference . . .

Public and free for qualifying Oklahoma high school juniors and seniors, the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM) challenges students far beyond the traditional high school model.  Everything at OSSM supports students’ academics—from the school’s residential model, college-level curriculum, and largely doctoral-level teaching faculty to required evening study halls staffed with faculty and absence of cell phones and limited personal internet.  Students leap forward in their academic progress, with many OSSM graduates take numerous college credits with them to their chosen institutions of higher learning
~hence their quantum experience!
The Class of 2017, just 68 students, earned some $10 million in merit-based scholarships.
Pre-Calculus I, II & III,  Calculus I & II,  Multivariate Calculus,  Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Number Theory, Differential Equations, Topology, Real Analysis, Probability & Statistics, Special Math Problems
General Biology,  Embryology,  Anatomy & Physiology, Genetics, Endocrinology, Zoology (Vert./Invert.), Biochemistry, Botany, Microbiology, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Ecology, Biology Olympiad Prep
General Chemistry I & II,  Organic Chemistry I & II, Biochemistry, Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemistry Olympiad Prep/Directed Study
General Physics, Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism, Astronomy, Intro to Modern Physics, Modern Physics II, Thermal Physics Waves & Optics, Topics in Theoretical Physics, Physics Olympiad Prep, Geoscience Seminar, Exploration Geoscience
Electronic Circuits, Robotics Engineering, Assembly Language, Engineering Seminar, TEAM+S Competition (extra curricular)
Computer Science
Intro to Computer Science, Data Structures I & II,  Operating Systems, Networking, Object-Oriented Programming with Java, Computer Architecture, Special Topics
American Literature,  World Literature,  Principles of English, Composition,  American History, Western Civilization I & II, East Asian History, Arab Civilization, Special Topics, Foreign Languages, Fine Arts
Physical Education
Directed Studies